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Shadrach Allard's tavern
on New Durham Corner, circa 1762, site of the first town meetings.
Copyright 1987 E. C. Jennings
Zachariah Boodey's house
on New Durham Ridge, c. 1769.
Copyright 1987 E. C. Jennings
Home and Tavern of Josiah Edgerly
on Bay road, c. 1793.
Copyright 1987 E. C. Jennings
The Meeting House
Completed in 1772.
Copyright 1987 E. C. Jennings
Elder David Edgerly's home
on New Durham Ridge, built c. 1800.
Copyright 1987 E. C. Jennings
Free Will Baptist Church
Built on New Durham Ridge between 1818 and 1819.
Copyright 1987 E. C. Jennings
Home of John Davis
on Valley Road, built in 1787.
Copyright 1987 E. C. Jennings
Durell Stevens' farm (c. 1880)
on New Durham Ridge, built in 1810.
Courtesy of Tatiana Cicuto
Durell Stevens' farm (today)
on New Durham Ridge, built in 1810.
Courtesy of Tatiana Cicuto
New Durham Town Hall
under construction 1907
New Durham Town Hall
in 1908
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Civil War Memorial Scholarship

The 2020 deadline for consideration is August 31, 2020, and all completed applications need to be mailed to the address listed on the application (download the latest version here).

The criteria for this scholarship, applicants shall be a resident of New Durham NH, and aged 17 to 22, and graduating senior from High school, or equivalent schooling, or a holder of a GED.  


A brief essay titled "How the Civil War has made a difference in the Year 2020", and a brief paragraph stating their reason for attending college and why they feel they should be the recipient of this scholarship shall be included with their completed application.

From all valid applications submitted for consideration, the Historical Society and the Charles Canney Civil War groups will review during the 2020 Encampment, selecting one recipient.  The encampment is scheduled for the first weekend in October.

Again, applications submitted on any earlier version of this form, and/or incomplete forms will be deemed invalid for consideration.

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